A Large Scale Art Nouveau Gramophone

From a distance, La Victrola’s 35-foot high horn presents a distinctive physical signature. A closer look reveals transparent perforated steel panels with hand-riveted sheet metal ornaments. Two tons of gracefully curved steel ribbing designed to withstand 90+ mph winds allow the structure to seemingly float on its single massive arm.

A Curated Musical Experience

La Victrola entertains and educates the public by playing forgotten recordings from the early 1900s, a time of great innovation in jazz, blues, bluegrass, and country & western, and which laid the foundation for modern music and recording technology. Transported back in time, audience members often find themselves inspired to dance and sing on La Victrola’s stage themselves.

A Live Cabaret Stage

La Victrola’s theater hosts period appropriate vaudeville and music performances. Past performers include gypsy jazz, bluegrass, a vaudeville cabaret, and a 40 person symphony orchestra. Its large stage provides ample room for dancers as well, and has hosted burlesque, belly dancing, tap and flamenco.

Next Steps

With a successful proof of concept and deployment of the horn in 2016, La Victrola will make a new appearance at Burning Man in 2017, placing the horn on top of a nine-foot high cabinet, accessed by two spiral staircases on the sides. This iteration completes the world’s largest gramophone as intended, and creates a viewing platform above and an interactive lounge below.